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10 ways to Secure Android! Find out!

Many people in India are accustomed to Android devices and the smooth use that it has! But not many people know the ways to secure the device so that it is not only protected but also has smooth functioning! So, let’s learn the ten ways to protect that Android device in your hands.


1.Always keep a password to protect the data! By adding a pin or a password, you encrypt the data and the device stays protected.
2.The basic is to lock the screen of your Android device for protecting power.
3.If you are an Android-ian, switch on with the Android Device Manager. This will help you track your device on the Google Maps.
4.It is always advisable not to download apps from unknown sources.
5.Never store the sensitive information about finances/bank cards on SIM card. It might prove to be too dangerous.
6.If you are using your personal device at work, make sure to protect it by communicating with your IT.
7.Always keep that device upgraded and updated with various software updates.
8.For tight security, maintain locks for all apps those are imp to you.
9.It is better to browse internet in incognito window than the usual one.
10.Lastly, it is not advisable to root your android phone.

These are very simple steps to get updated and make that Android device of your safe and secured.

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