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40 Percent Smaller Xbox Slim to be launched in August

With the official confirmation, the launch of new model of Xbox is expected to be in the month of August this year. The news was confirmed in the E3 briefing by the company. The new version of Xbox is coming with the name of Xbox One S. It is rumored to be 40 percent smaller in size as compared to the existing Xbox models. The picture of the new model is tweeted by company insider Wario64.Click Here for Amazing Gaming Acccessories.


Soon after the leak of the picture, a promotional banner was also aired with the new additional features of the gadget. The specifications of Xbox One S are different from the previous versions. It has 2TB hard drive and 4K ultra HD video. It has an excellent wireless range and streamline redesigned control system and a vertical stand. It also has a textured grip and supports Bluetooth. Information provided from Nerdleaks says that the price of this device is expected to be around $299 (which is approx. Rs.20000). It is also rumored that the price of this Xbox in India will be around Rs.30000.

As per the pictures tweeted of the Xbox One S, it is appeared to be smaller in size. There is an infrared blaster to control other devices on the bottom of the Xbox. The additional feature include a power brick installed inside the console.

The images of the device were leaked sometime back in the month of May along with the rumors that Microsoft is coming with much more powerful Xbox One which is expected to be launched in 2017. The new design of the controller was also rumored.


In the weekly podcast it is clear that Microsoft E3 2016 named as Xbox Mini is no longer a rumor but is real and with a 40 percent slim design is ready to be launched

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