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5 DIY Cable Cord Organizers for Clutter Free Home

Clutter free home or office space is surely the dream for many but there are certain things that don’t let you keep the place clutter free even when you have planned it other way round. If you also have these clutter issues then incorporating these 10 DIY cable cord organizers in your home or office décor would solve your cable issues to the great extent.

5 DIY Cable Cord Organizers

1. Label the cords name wise or as per the utility so that whenever you look for the cord for charging or other application, you don’t mess them up all. Labelling can be done like iPod, laptop, Dad’s phone, and so on. Select your own labeling pattern and be as much innovative as you can so that you can enjoy reading these labels while keeping the space clutter free.

2. Organize the cables with toilet paper rolls. This way you can save your cables from being tangled and use the empty toilet paper rolls for something constructive.

DIY Cords and Cables -1


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3. Use an empty shoebox. This shoe box can be punched on one side to let the charging ends of the cables come out while all other mess remain inside the shoebox. This shoebox arrangement will turn out to be your homemade charging station.

DIY Cords and Cables - 2

4. If this cords are not being used then just tie them with ribbon or string and store it for clutter free drawer.

5. Keep them organized with the partitioned box. Keep each cable in one pocket and name that pocket accordingly. This will help you take out the cable you want without disturbing others and when the charging is over, just keep it back in place. This really works!

Apply this 5 DIY ideas for clutter free work station and you will find your efficiency increasing every time.

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