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5 Easy Tips to Keep your Phone Storage Up!

The new age smart phones have their applications much beyond calling, and that has been the matter of both advantage and disadvantage. These phones that store everything starting from pictures, audio, video, games, and important documents may often run out of storage space when needed the most. This issue can now be tackled well with the below 5 tips for quick storage enhancement.

1. Clear Cache

Every application stores the cache for easy loading of data and quicker operations. This cache is good for making the app loading faster but it takes up lot of storage space and would make your phone useless over a period of time. Go to the Application Manager and clear cache in the individual app for more storage. It is time consuming but you can also download separate app for clearing cache from all applications at one go.

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2. Cloud Storage

The main reason behind quicker storage space reduction is storing of images and videos. There are different options available like OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive where you can store these important images and videos securely. Automatic backup can also be planned by going to Settings > Accounts > Cloud > Sync images and videos. This way your memories are safe along with the storage space.

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3. Uninstall the unused apps

The mobile users tend to load the apps that don’t use ever. Such apps may take up space and would create unnecessary hassles while storing even the useful data. Uninstall such unused apps as you can always download them again when needed.

4. Use storage option on Google Drive

Google Drive is an easy way to store and share your documents. Use this medium for all your documents and files to keep your phone free.

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5. Frequent Cleaning of Device

Your device needs regular cleaning. Make sure that you undertake this cleaning exercise on regular basis to avoid untimely surprises regarding storage space.

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