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5 Easy Ways to Protect your Smart Phone from Rain

Monsoons are on and heat is gone! It is indeed a pleasurable moment for all but the Smartphone owners have tough time for sure as they have to protect their valuable phone against this unpredicted monsoon showers. Below are the 5 easy ways to protect your precious device against water damages.

(1) Keep it protected all the time!
Sounds strange! But it is true. You need to protect your phone by any possible means. Do it by putting it in your jacket, umbrella, or by keeping it in your purse. All you have to do is keep your phone protected all the time even while talking so that rain water doesn’t damage it.

(2) Use protective plastic cover or cling film
Protection covers are made available by many mobile accessories stores. You can use the expensive protective cover or if you are looking for the inexpensive option then the cling film cover will also work wonders. Make your choices according to the budget.



(3) Put it in zip lock bag
The zip lock bags are best for phones as these bags can be removed anytime without putting any effort. Keep your zip lock ready in your pocket and whenever you come across the unexpected showers, just take it out and cover your mobile. It is very simple and convenient too.



(4) Don’t let the ports remain uncovered
There may many ports in a phone and these ports are more susceptible to damage as the water may easily penetrate into phone through these ports. Keep them covered with protective adhesive tape.

(5) Keep one more handset for spare
If nothing works then just keep a spare mobile which is rough and tough to handle the rains. Take it along during monsoon to protect your Smartphone.
Follow the above 5 tips and enhance the life of your pricey Smartphone.

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