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500 million Android devices in Jeopardy by Dangerous Malware attack

Recently a dangerous and advanced mobile Malware has attacked more than 500 million Android smartphones as per the reports of Mobile threat security company. An American based company Skycure has also stated in their reports about this malware that dubbed Accessibility Clickjacking, at the cyber security event.Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


Skycure explained that the new mobile Malware has a capacity to over write the administration rights even can change scanner detection which requires signatures, static and dynamic analysis. The mute attack of Accessibility Clickjacking malware can effect enormously on the security apps resulting in loosing all confidential data from user’s mobile phone. It is also evident that this dangerous malware can monitor user’s activities live and also can permit hackers to access E-mails, compose emails from user’s mobile and can eliminate permissions from device completely.

Working of malware is based on Malicious UI procedure wherein the user can be tricked to click on some component which is entirely different from the one the user thought of clicking.

There has been a lot of improvements done in past in controlling the risk of clickjacking on web browsers and servers, but there are still some malwares that are left untreated and un addressed and they return back to threat the device by hacking it.


Skycure also revealed that the Accessibility Clickjacking malware recently came up by the name of Andoid.Lockroid.E which was discovered by Symantec had tried to take away the administration rights. It has also been proved that the malware attacks while playing games on the web where the user is playing the game and in the background the malware hijacks the device and steals all the confidential information from the user’s device and gets full accessibility on its personal information and data stored on the device.

The impact of malware is still not seen on Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

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