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A Feature, way beyond “Last seen”..!


Delayed replies..? Excuses about, not seeing messages…? Well, no more.

WhatsApp has come up with new feature where we get the 2blue ticks which is of the read*.

Now their is no point in hiding the Last seen. The double ticks that was used earlier was for that particular message that had been delivered to the concerned person and when those ticks turn blue, that person has read your message!


The read confirmation blue ticks are not just for the personal one-to-one chats but also for the group chats. It appears blue when everyone has read the message. Unlike the previous, where the group messages has only one tick.

And a new feature, yet to be added, where by the long press on the message would occur an info message, where we can see the time of message delivered and the time of read, as well.


If you think you can have your hands clean with the last seen hiding, then be cautioned, the blue ticks are here!

The last seen feature that was popular for its hiding the last seen, has seem to lost its purpose of having it now!

The long awaited free voice calling feature is delayed till next year.. Jan Koun, The CEO, WhatApp, said that this feature needs more testing before roiling it out to all..

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