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Acer C720 Chromebook with Core i3 is here! Have a look!

Acer C720

This thin line between laptop and a tablet has taken new curves and lanes as we all can see! Not only are Chromebooks becoming popular but they are also delivering performance!

So, hold your breath since Acer is considered to be the first ever company to go for a Chromebook with a Core i3 processor! A processor that is reputed for gaming, multitasking and visiting heavily manifested website.

The Acer C 720 is almost the same 11 inches Chromebook but with a meatier processor inside with a longer battery life, almost up-to 8 hours! The price has been considerably kept down, starting at $350.

There Chrome OS is basically like a computer with a Chrome browser and many other additional features to its cart. Be it watching movies on Google Play Movies or catching the TV offline, the feature driven Chromebook tries to keep its users contended.. You can surely pinch to zoom this time! This time it is more near to the reality since the OS provides functions of maximizing and minimizing windows, launching apps from desktop and improved uploading for Google+ photos!

Few Specifications that the Acer C720 Core i offers are:

The Core i3 model comes with two configuration depending on the price. $350 for 2GB of RAM and $380 for four gigs.
It has a display screen of 11.6 inches with 1366×768 resolution.
A solid storage of 32GB.
Comfortable keyboard with steady trackpad and fake leather lid giving the feeling of a laptop.

The best part of this Chromebook is that there is a reasonable priced version available for touchscreen too! The Chromebook can be considered a traveler’s delight with multitude functionality at an affordable price. You can buy this Chromebook as per your need and suitability!

Some Advantages:
Affordable for sure.
Dependable battery life.
Average yet reliable performance.

Some Disadvantages:
The look of the Acer C720 Core i is not that attractive, specially the keyboard.
The screen doesn’t provide great viewing angles.
The touchscreen is available in the low-end category.

In a nutshell, Acer C 720 provides an average performance yet with some extent of delights and as per one’s pocket and suitability! What better to expect from a Chromebook than that! Pick your favorite!

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