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Acer to get Wearable and Smartphones at the MWC event!


The Acer company, just before the MWC event 2015 that they have started the teaser of the new products which the company wants to launch them at the MWC event. The company uploaded few images on the Social Networking site, Facebook saying that these products are due to the launch at the 2015 event of MWC.


Images that the company posted by the Lenovo that showcased few party of different products it even included the text of “Coming Soon” and the “#MEC2015”. These images and the captions by the company shows that they would be launched at the event.


In the teaser, three part of the smartphone were seen as the company. It showed, camera. The lower corner of the smartphone and the side bezel along with the fashionable patterns on it. Though, nothing to be confirmed until an official statement by the company.


The Acer company is not a new company for the wearables market. It did launch the pone last year, the fitness tracking band which was named as the Liquid Leap. This was the Acers first wearable device. It has a 1 inch small touchscreen.

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