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Add stickers to your photos with the Facebook app.


On Thursday, the Facebook started to update the Android and the iOS app with a new and interesting feature for the mobile, that is now the user can add stickers to their photos as they wish to, before they upload that particular picture.


This update is not available in India yet. Users, with the Facebook updated app, would see a sticker icon when the user would upload a new picture to Facebook from the iOS or the Android apps.


The user can add as many stickers as they want to the photo. When the user is done adding sticker (single or many) the sticker size can be changes, they user can make it small or rotate for the correct position of that sticker. It can even be edited even if the sticker is already placed on the photo before uploading the picture to the Facebook.


The Facebook is doing with the promotion in a big way. The Facebook launched the new sticker app in December and named it as ‘Stickered for Messenger’ for the iOS and Android. The Stickered for Messenger is supported by the Facebook messenger that would be allowed to send images to the Facebook.


This app would allow the users to have stickers on to their photos. They would have 52 categories, which allows the user to get the stickers and adjust then accordingly.


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