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All About iPhone 6S That We Know Till Date

Apple is always appreciated for its technological innovations and that is the reason why speculations start very much before the actual launch of any Apple product. Last year in September, Apple brought its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the market with many new and user friendly features. This year the smart phone world is waiting for the latest from Apple to enter the market. The next iPhone which is being floated quite soon after the previous versions is given the name iPhone 6S by the experts for the time being but the actual model name would be disclosed by Apple only when it is ready to enter the market.

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The new iPhone may not witness a major change as far as design and appearance is concerned. The last iPhone 6 was itself a big move from Apple in terms of display and dimensions. The new iPhone 6S will be stronger, taller, and wider compared to the older version with the improved casing and force touch feature.

Apart from the appearance, the new iPhone 6S would also work on latest iOS 9 and a powerful processor upgraded by Apple as per the announcement from Apple in WWDC organized this year. After Samsung indicated in May this year that it would provide displays and chipsets for Apple products, it is another guessing that iPhone 6S would be powered by A9 processor, which is one of its kind.

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Officially nothing has been announced by Samsung or Apple as such about the said alliance but the industry experts believe that if this alliance works then the new devices from Apple will make a mark. Apple iPhone 6S will be offered with 2GB RAM and new battery from Apple that can take any shape for more power backup.

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