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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge- Techie Special!

Published on August 25, 2014 by in Videos

It seems people from all field have taken the ice bucket challenge pretty seriously and dramatically! Everybody these days have gone crazy not to just follow it but challenge it and perform it.

The journey for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone from social-work to business! Let’s find out the top techie’s that actually did it!

Bill Gates- We couldn’t have hoped for better! The ex-founder of the software giant Microsoft, Bill Gates not only took the challenge but designed the apparatus for the bucket to shower on him!

Mark Zuckerberg- This Facebook founder we think could have done much better in terms of antiques and excitement for the viewers. However, he took the challenge and even proposed it to few other giants!

Tim Cook- The CEO of Apple took the challenge. The ice was dumped on him by an American musician. Along with others, he challenged the CEO of Disney.

Dick Costolo- The CEO of Twitter tweeted about the Ice Bucket Challenge being taken up by him!

Jeff Bezos- He not only took the challenge but took names like the Queen of England, Pope Francis and Edward Snowden to create a certain buzz but finally challenged few others!

Marissa Mayer- CEO of Yahoo took the challenge with hundreds of other Yahoo staff!

Larry Page & Sergey Brin- The famous Google founders took the challenge but didn’t forward it to any other techie! Reason- they didn’t want anybody else to suffer!

Satya Nadella- His speech was cool and so was his style of taking up the challenge. He was dumped with the ice water by the hackathon team!

We can only conclude that this Ice Bucket challenge has taken the social media by storm! We think we too have to dump that bucket on someone! Who, We just thought of that!;-)

Stay Tuned!

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