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Amid ZenFone 2 rolls out and targets 30 million.


The Asus has started to roll out for its new smartphone, ZenFone 2 series all across the region. The Asus company said that the new annual handset shipment targets. It claims that the company is expecting to ship almost 30 million of the smartphones in 2015.


Its head said that the Asus company could be helped by the Chinese market and which would in return help to reach the shipment target of 30 million for this year, the company even added that it would be the indispensable market for the company.

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Asus, which is the Taiwanese smartphone maker which launched the new ZenFone 2 smartphone in Taiwan last month. This firm also introduced this mobile in European market a short while ago.


The Asus also confirmed its launched for Asus ZenFone 2 launch in Hong Kong, France and Singapore as well. The launch in other countries like India, Italy and Southern Asian markets are expected to launch in April.

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