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An app that makes Smartphones a Seismic Network Worldwide

Recently in the month of May 2016, researchers have released an Android Application that can detect earthquakes, with the information provided by the smartphones that carry this app and as a result it can warn users from nearby earthquakes. Currently they have released the Japanese version of the app.Click Here for more Android Mobile Accessories.


This app is developed by the team of University of California and is named as MyShake app. It is available on the Google play store for download that can be accessed with the MyShake site. As far as the working of this app is concerned, it runs in the background of the smartphone and consumers very little energy, so that the accelerometers installed in the phone record the shaking any time during the day and night, if found, it analysis it and if the vibration matches with the features of an earthquake, it sends the signals to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for further analysis.

Previously this app was released in English language in the month of February, when more than 170000 users had downloaded this app across the globe and around 11000 smartphones had provided earthquake data to the seismic lab. According to the experts, this app will be able to warn people faster and with its accurate data, specially, in the regions of more seismic activities, like Japan. It can work as a life saviour with its early warnings.


Since the release of the app in February, the network has witnessed earthquakes in different countries like, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal and Oklahoma. This app has recorded quakes from the magnitude of 2.5 – 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador.

This app is expected to be released in the Spanish and Chinese languages as well and it will be available for iOS users soon.

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