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Android O – Will it be a Revolution or an Evolution?

Android Oreo Update

Android O – Will it be a Revolution or an Evolution

It has not been many years since the Android landed into everyone’s hands. With a new update dropped in from time to time by one of leading companies in the world, the operating system gave the elite I-OS a run for its money. Though the fans and programmers have been debating over them, and their pros and cons; Google has been busy releasing new versions and updates ever since and has now launched the Android O. Though the consumers still have to wait for sometime before they can actually lay their hands upon the operating system, the developer’s preview has been released and speculations are ranging from anything to anywhere. With talks being done and spread about its naming as Android-Oreo (O); we bring the best information on Android-O and an analysis of it being a revolution or an evolution. In fact, most of the popular product review websites are yet to comment on Google’s next android upgrade.

The GRAND Launch:

Android Oreo for development

Android O Developer Preview

Google said that the OS will be handed over to the end users by the fall of this year with a release of Pixel 2 (maybe).
But there is expectation of the release of a Beta-version by the mid-May; when Google will be having Google I/O 2017 done.
Changes – What will make Android O different than the other previous versions:

#1 – A developer’s Pride

Android-O will bring more options for App building and customization which means that developers will be more than happy to have it at their disposal.
It will offer more ways to use custom icons and fonts
Will offer better professional-level audio
Amazing ways to connect different people for various things such as local social apps and head-to-head gaming

#2 – Manage Power and Battery Life

There are a number of applications that do things even when they are in background.
They consume the battery power as well as the CPU while doing so.
With Android O at your disposal, you will not have to install anything or do anything to manage these apps as the OS will deal with them on its own.

#3 – App building made easier
The implicit broadcasts (signals for other activities)
Location services
Background services
All of the above three will be managed automatically which means that it will be easier to build apps that don’t affect the battery life and thus the user will be freed of the managing overheads of all such apps. The implicit broadcasts and location services will be a boon for the app development companies, Google’s own product-goggles, Digital marketing agencies and the other businesses thriving on Android and Google.

#4 – New Notification Channels

The Android O will be grouping the notifications of similar kinds together and the notification feed as well as channels will be optimized.
The users will be able to customize the way the notifications are displayed to them such as the news feed or other apps.

#5 – Autofill API

Pixel smart phone

Google pixel connectivity

Android O will come with the Autofill support which ensures better security management
The apps using the repetitive data will also be catered to with this feature.

#6 – Adaptive Icons and Font Resources in XML

Android O will come with enhanced font resources, which means the app building will become easier.
The icons will be of adaptive nature and can be customized as well.
The colour spectrum will be wider in the OS.

#7 – Connectivity

The OS has worked upon the way devices connect with the other devices.
High quality Bluetooth audio, telecom framework and NAN (Neighbourhood Aware Networking) connectivity will be some of the attractive features of Android O.

Better Keyboard navigation, Web-View Enhancements, and Audio API for Pro Audio are some of the other exciting features that Android O will be sporting.
Loaded with all the above mentioned amazing features and more to be discovered yet, Android O seems to be a promising release and I bet my odds that it will be a revolution indeed..!!
Stay in touch to find all the exciting updates and news on Android O, its release and Android O powered Mobile Phone Price in Dubai, India, USA, Europe and the other countries.

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