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Apple All set to launch new iPhone with Different Variants

After the unexpected launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently, Apple is also planning to launch its new iPhone within a month. The new iPhone is expected to be coming in three variants as per the leaked videos which are showing all three variants closely from all the angles and also focusing on the Ear pods one more time. The three variants will be named as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro. Click Here for More Apple Accessories.


It is also rumoured that apple is also bringing Bluetooth chip that will enable wireless headphones with better performance and will also save energy. YouTube channel is showcasing the models of three variants in a high resolution video. This video clarify the new look of the smartphones and the modifications in the design. It is expected that in new variants the antenna bands are been shifted to the corners and the protective ring which is also located around the lens. There would be no 3.5 mm sound jack in the new phones. It is also visible in the video that there will be two speakers at the bottom of the phones.


The iPhone 7 Pro is expected to carry dual camera, but it will not be equipped with Smart connector. The variants that are to be launched are expected to be in three different colours, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. The videos loaded by other agencies also showcase attractive Ear Pods. The working of the earphones is going to be as usual apart from the lightening connector. The reports publish by Forbes also confirms that Apple is adding lightening powered Ear pods in the Accessory box that comes along with the iPhone. The launch of new wireless Bluetooth chip along the head phones is also expected this time.

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