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Apple claims that more than 1 Billion iOS devices sold!


Apple, the name says it all. The company on Tuesday claimed that the Apple’s quarterly profit is the highest in the history of corporate which is $18 billion and it record sales are 74.5 million iPhone’s units in Q4. The company said that it sold the billionth iOS device in November. This information came from Tim Cook, the CEO of the Apple company, which was during the earning call by the company.


He also mentioned that the billionth device was sold in November, the product was a 64GB iPhone 6Plus. He also said that they have kept that handset in its headquarters, to make a new milestone.


Tim Cook in a conference call, as it was transcribed by Seeking Alpha said, “It was truly a momentous quarter for iOS. On November 22nd we shipped our 1 billionth iOS device. And that was a Space Gray 64 gigabyte iPhone 6Plus, which we have saved here at Apple. And Philip Schiller, a marketing Vice President of Apple said in a Tweet post “1 Billion iOS devices shipped!!”.


A news which is apart from selling 74.4 million iPhone’s phones during the quarter. The company also reported that their is a jump in terms of revenue is year-on-year it is growing which is from $57.6 billion last year to $74.6 billion this year.


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