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Apple Delivers iPad Air 2 with a bang!

ipad air 2 slidd.

Apple says, We can with the launch of its two most awaited devices, the iPad Air & the iPad mini 3! Let us focus on the iPad Air 2 first since we have heard that it is the thinnest tablet ever made, crossing all lines of expectations of being feather-like, superbly thin and amazing in looks!


Let’s find more about iPad Air 2

With the thinnest body of only 6.1mm, it comes with a skin of gold and with an anti-reflective glass front without any gaps between it and the display.

The camera too has got a revised version of its share with an 8MP iSight camera. It can record 1080p HD video along with slow motion videos, panorama shots and time-lapses!

It’s a 9.1 inch display with 2048×1536 resolution!

It comes with a Touch ID sensor for the best security possible..

Faster wireless system is available in all the versions of 16GB, 64GB & 128GB!

The A8X chip said to be the fastest combines with its iOS 8 to work seamlessly for the need of you!


The Price is not a mystery anymore. Let’s find out!

The Wi-Fi version:

For 16 GB- Rs 35,900
For 64 GB- Rs 42,900
For 128 GB- Rs 49,900

The Wi-Fi along with the Cellular version:

For 16 GB- Rs 45,900
For 64 GB- Rs 52,900
For 128 GB- Rs 59,900

With those many bucks to splurge, we are sure you know what’s coming to you this Diwali!

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