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Apple gets its iTunes update!


iTunes update has been rolled out by the Apple for OS X which would be the version. The company claimed that, it added a new widget for a very easy music options as playback options and more. The iTunes users can enable the widget by opening and tapping the Edit option in the notification center.


The new iTunes updates is somewhat similar to the iTunes MiniPlayer. The new update for the OS X includes the basic playback options which is for play, pause, skip and even for the buy audio tracks. If the user is listening to a audio track on the iTunes radio then the price of that song is given on the right side of the screen. When the users tap on it, it would ask the users about the authenticate the song with the iTunes and then buy it.


The new update and its new design is simple, it would have the track length, the name of the singer, and the song name. It also has few playback options, but it missed out other few options like the volume adjustments, listing of the tracks.


As a part of the new iTunes update the Apple company announced the improved performance when the user syncing all the audio files with an iOS devices as, iPhone, iPad or even the iPod. The company said that the iTunes update, 12.1 app is available for OS X is can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


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