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Apple Teases One-Day Black Friday Shopping Event

The shopping extravaganza or Black Friday, celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US, is generally joined by incredible deals from different store retailers across the nation and on the web. Despite the fact that Apple Inc. won’t have a standing of offering huge rebates and discounts on its products for Black Friday, the Cupertino-based company offers gift cards to celebrate the event. However, an early teaser appears to show that Apple may have something additional in store this year.Check Here For More Apple Accessories.

Newly launched dedicated website page on the company’s website teases a one-day shopping occasion on Friday this week. Despite the fact that the company doesn’t uncover a lot about the deal on its site page, it suggests different gift choices, for example, iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPhone 7 cases, iPad Pro and many different products from the company for the season of holiday.

Regardless of the possibility that the company provides discount on its products for the Black Friday, it will be exciting to check whether it will have the capacity to match the available deals offered by nearby retailers, who are known to offer overwhelming discounts across the wide range of products for their Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.Considering that the web teaser has a picture of Apple Watch, the product is possibly to be offered at discounted cost. However, as these are negligible theories, we should hold up till Friday to see whether it will offer any discount on its products or not.

Apple’s choice to have a Black Friday event is notable due to the fact that the company a year ago had broadly declined to take an interest in the holiday shopping frenzy – a move that flagged that the retailer didn’t generally require the sales influx that the event brings. Apple produces billions in quarterly revenues. As recent revenues have shown, Apple’s smartphone business has been starting to slow down; it’s still too soon to perceive how buyers will respond to the recently launched Macbook PCs, as far as real-world purchases are concerned.

A year ago, Apple’s SVP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts disclosed Apple’s verdict to leave the shopping event on the grounds that “being respective to your representatives and employees will be useful for business.” Its new position doesn’t really mean those values of treating workers will be fallen by the wayside, but instead, Apple may have not preferred what it found in terms of financial effect that originated from delaying the event.Apple’s “one-day event” website page basically teases the upcoming event and gives the idea of potential gifts across various categories, including Photography, Music, Toys, Games and real Apple products.

It’s indistinct what precisely Apple has penned for its Black Friday shopping occasion. Apple has never been one to offer colossal discounts on its products during this shopping season (different retailers are the place to search for that). Or maybe, Apple recently has offered gift cards with the product purchase, with the gift card value fluctuating on the basis of which product was purchased. Apple last took an interest in Black Friday during 2014, and apple offered following products:

iPod touch – $25 gift card
iPod nano – $25 gift card
Apple TV – $25 gift card
Select Beats by Dre earphones – $25 gift card
Any iPad – $50 gift card
Any Mac – $100 gift card

Going further back, Apple took some discount off of its products, however, the value cuts never aligned the deals with what different retailers were putting forth.

Now, we’ll need to wait what Apple has in store for Black Friday 2016. While product discounts are conceivably possible, gift cards and maybe Apple Music promos appear like the most possible scenarios.

Whatever the company chooses to do, particularly if the deals are accessible in retail stores, will be noteworthy. As a year ago, Apple’s retail head Angela Ahrendts took a stand in opposition to the convention, saying that “being good to your workers will dependably be useful for business.”

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