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Apple to face a U.S. Federal lawsuit. It has got some major issue to look after!


Apple was ordered to face the U.S. Federal lawsuit because it apparently failed to tell customers that their messaging system would block them from receiving the text messages when they switch to any Android-based phones from iPhones.

On hearing this case, Lucy Koh, a U.S. District Judge in San Joes, California said, Apple must face the plaintiff Adrienne Moore’s claim that the blockage of the message interfered with her contract with Verizon Wireless services, which she kept after switching to a Samsung Galaxy mobile from an iPhone 4 in April.


Moore, who filed the case and seeks class-action status for unspecified damages, claimed that Apple failed to disclose how its iOS 5 software operating system would hamper the delivery of ‘countless’ messages from other Apple devices if any iPhone users switch to non-Apple devices.


While all this was going on, the Judge dismissed some claims which tied to another California consumer protection law.

Koh wrote “Plaintiff does not have all to allege an absolute right to receive every text message in order to allege that Apple’s international acts have caused an actual breach or disruption of the contractual relationship.” Kho said Moore deserved a chance to show Apple disrupted her wireless services contract and violated a California unfair law, by blocking messages.


Apple did not immediately respond to Roy Katriel, a lawyer for Moore. The Cupertino California-based company said, “Apple takes customer satisfaction extremely serious, but the law does not provide a remedy when, as here, technology simply does not function as plaintiff subjectively believes it should.”

Apple has come up with an Online tool, for helping people who switch to non-Apple phones to get messages from iPhone users.

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