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Apple’s Amazing Inventions! Watch it!

We have seen the latest versions of apple’s innovative designs and devices but have we ever seen the first apple computer, the first versions of everything that is now upgraded and technically so enhanced!

Let’s find out about Apple’s exciting journey!

Apple’s first computer- Released in 1976, this product was called Apple I. The first of its kind and the extensive journey began here!

Apple II- It was certainly a better looking computer than the first one!

Apple III- It was made in 1980! Have a look at this enormous piece!

Macintosh Classic- The journey of the multimillion company actually began with this in 1984! It was the first personal computer ever!

Macintosh Portable- It was created in 1991. Apple’s probable laptop.

Newton Message Pad- Built in 1993, it was first of its kind mobile device.

Apple’s Powerbook 500- Designed in 1994, it was less stocky than the Macintosh portable.

iMac G3- The colorful plastic desktops were created in 1998 and was a huge attraction.

iBook- In 1999, a clamshell looking iBook was built.

Macintosh iPod- In 2001, yet another landmark by apple, the Macintosh iPod.

The rest products since then have been developing, succeeding, sometimes not succeeding but the backbone of Apple’s way to glory is still continuing with its foolproof innovation!

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