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Apple’s confession.


Apple has finally confessed, that the songs downloaded from rival music services were been deleted by the company without informing the user. This issue got on surface, as a part of the on going actions antitrust law suite that the company is facing in the US District Court of Oakland, California.

The Plaintiffs’ attomey Patric Coughlin said, “ Not only did the Apple not informed users about the deleting of the songs, it chose, not to tell the users the problem.


Coughlins statement in court which said, the iTunes would show an error to the customer everytime when the user try to sync an iPod which has songs from the third party music download service.


The Apple would ask the users to restore the device to the factory settings, and thus deleting the songs which were downloaded from the third party.

He claimed that the users eventually has to be in the Apple’s ecosystem having no other option in continue using the iPod. And this created a limit for the market for other music service and players.

while all this Apple lawyers deny that the company was involved in any such act. And many High-Level executives are yet to test on this.

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