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Are there any phone etiquettes for the work place to be followed?

This is a debatable issue for sure as everybody thinks he/she have appropriate phone etiquettes in the office but at the same time they feel that other person lacks it. If everybody is well-equipped with the office etiquette then who all are lacking on it and why? Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


The phone etiquettes for office are different from social gatherings and these etiquettes also change with the grade and reporting structure. For e.g. your boss can check an email in front of you but if you do it in front of your boss then it is rude. Similarly, there are many other unwritten codes which may be followed.

1.Keep your phone on vibration when heading to the meeting as this will keep you away from the embarrassment you will face when you phone rings its “Latest Ringtone” in mid of an important conversation.


2.Don’t check your emails when meeting is on and even if you want to do it, go for it during the tea/coffee break. But make sure this is limited only to emails and you don’t start browsing through your social media accounts.

3.If your boss takes his phone in hand while talking to you, it doesn’t mean that you may also do the same. You have no choice but to wait till your boss gets back to the conversation after checking his “Important Emails”.

4.Lunch hours have some concession. Though your lunch hours have all your colleagues lined up to exchange their thoughts and work pressure, you can always keep sometime for your phone as this will reduce your work stress and freshen you up for further work challenges.

The above points are the basic points of phone etiquettes and you can make the amendments as per your prevailing work culture.

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