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Are You an Android-ian? Prove it to Us!


We may have smartphones with some great operating system but do we actually carry it for status, style or performance? Well, in the first two cases, you have to decide because in the last option, I am going to help you seek better usability!

We all have smartphones and in India, our mobile phones are stuffed in with mostly Android OS. So, how well do you know your Android? Can you shout out loud?

1.Don’t belong to a century that you have left behind! Google’s Android launchers and screen locks are easily replaceable. Just log onto Google Play and do the downloading!


2.Use Google Chrome. With chrome browser, the pages that you have bookmarked will automatically carry over.


3.Make your beautiful smartphone clutter free! Try creating different folders for different categories of app.


4.Up your smartphone with a Google Authenticator that will keep your account safe and secure from any strange log-ins.


5.Get Eco-friendly and save that extra battery that you usually drain out when your smartphone is in idle state.


6.Lastly, if you are an Android user, a Google Android user and you haven’t downloaded the app Google Now, then you have surely missed a great deal of fun and assistance!


Get upgraded and start using your Android wisely rather know your Android wisely!!!

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