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ASUS MeMO Pad 7 & 8! It is Unbeatably Amazing!

Asus 7

The MeMO Pad of 2013 didn’t skip many a hearts as it was supposed to do! It neither had the speed of Nexus 7 nor did it carry the magical tricks of Samsung Galaxy Tab! For proving it yet again, ASUS is trending with the new MeMO Pad 7 and 8.

Not only it is exciting, looks like its has immense potential but ASUS has already filled the gap in the department of faster processor and a recreational user interface! Let’s find out about its latest features in a nutshell.

MeMO Pad 7-It is seven inch tablet, superfast for the price of under $200.

The design looks good and can be categorized as decent.
The processor is faster as it was not in the earlier version.
The user interface is much better and enhanced.

The video is not up-to the mark.
The speakers might be a let down for you.
The cameras will too dissatisfy you!

asus memo pad 8

MeMO Pad 8- It is an 8 inch tablet with pretty low price of almost $200.


It is as good as the MeMO Pad 7.
The power of the battery is a relief.
The user interface is easier to understand and is responsive.


Like MeMO Pad 7, the video quality is not good.
Cameras are also a disappointment.
Low resolution camera.

Hope the buyers get bowled over by its speed and amazingly low price!

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