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Blackberry Passport- The Square Mobile Phone!


If you think India is full of smartphones, then I would say not yet! There are only 10-14% Indians using smartphones! Now you can wrinkle your nose out of surprise! But it is true! Not all have this smart device in their hands. But in other foreign countries, this is not the scenario!

This is a nerve-wracking day for Blackberry as the Canadian company has launched its passport mobile phone, otherwise called the Square phone!


The passport phone with
Qwerty keypad
4.5 square inch
1440×1440 pixels
a quad-core Snapdragon 800 Soc
is making its way to India too!

The launch happened in Toronto, Dubai and London! The India launch is on the coming week, on 29th September! However the phone seems to be costly affair, priced at around $700 in Canada ! The USA price will be around $600 and the passport will also be available on contract basis at about $249 !The Indian price will soon be revealed.


We have to wait and watch for the company has been struggling since the inception of touch screen phones of Samsung and Apple! Will this Passport square faced phone be adding a new lifeline to Blackberry? Their fingers must surely be crossed!

But personally I just love that huge square shaped look on its face!

Stay Tune to TechTalk!

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