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Bluetooth Headphones- Blessing for Multi-taskers!

As people in the current scenario running towards Instateneous success -“RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW”, They are opting to complete their various task at a same time. And for these multi-taskers, Bluetooth headphones emerge as a blessing & are convenient enough to provide you safer conversation. Also, adaptable for mobile phones, Tablets & PC’s higher flexibility & make you free from restraint of holding your phone all the time. The most beneficial feature is you can connect these headphones to multiple devices at a same time.


Diverse Collections Available

There are limitless collections available with regards to different shapes & sizes depending upon your convenience. One can go for ‘Corded Headset”, ‘Portable Bluetooth with Headphone’, ‘Wired or Wireless Headphone’, ‘In-ear’, ‘On-ear’ varied according with the suitability whether it is for a professional, athlete or travelling purpose.

Mono , Stereo or HD Devices- Which one to opt?

You can go for Bluetooth Devices like Mono Headsets, which are basically for calling. But, One should consider the time spent in calling either for regular purpose or occasionally. If you are more of Music & Video Game lover ,than go for Stereo Headsets which provide a sound quality upto 8HKZ & if you want to experience superior sound quality, than HD Device is a good alternative which offers sound quality upto 16KHZ as compare to Stereo Headset. Apart from this, there are Speaker phones supported with voice command which enables the user to ‘answer their call’ or to ‘ignore’ on one command.

Components to consider first :

Before you opt for any Bluetooth device, One should consider its features i.e Sound , Shape, Cost & most crucially- Range & Battery Life.
If you are into field work or have to spent a lot of your time in congregation, than your headphone should be supported with Noise Cancellation feature which allows the user to communicate effectively by blocking the unwanted background sound.
Headset with standard Micro USB Support are also preferable as it release you from carrying an extra cable by enabling your phone charger to connect to the headset as well.

Is It fixing your Pocket?

Prices of these Bluetooth Devices varies, from the range below Rs.1000 to 3000 & above on the basis of the Brands & feature you are looking up for.


Range Possiblity & Battery Life :

The first & foremost factors one should consider before opting for any Device are “Coverage & Battery Life”. Range possibility differs with the Brand we are using- Maximum range upto 33 feet. However, Battery Life differs with the size of Headphones we are using. Larger the Headset, Larger the Battery Life!

Go for Reviews….

Another important thing is to have a glance on the reviews of a particular model or brand you are opting for. As its really worthwhile in finding the product of you choice & features you are looking up for.

Safety Comes First.

Bluetooth Headphones are far more safe as it involves a less Radiation effect compare to using or holding a phone directly while calling. Also, Person should only wear these devices when in use or can opt for phones with less radiation. Afterall, Safety should always be on First Priority!

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