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Change of Emoticons! Racial Diversity or Racial Discrimination?


The Emoticons or Emojis first started in the genius country of Japan! Over the years, these expressions of various emotions have given our online chats and emails a new life and a new vibrancy! These emoticons have been adopted by the global computing standards ever since it was created!


Evolving with time is the best way to keep one updated! Hence, the computing industry consortium, Unicode has been thoughtful of providing customized emoticons. By customization it means, various human forms, offering racial diversity for all! So, if these guidelines are formalized, then you might see, emoticons of different skin tone like fair, white, red, brown, black and yellow tones, taking into account all the ethnic races residing on earth. That sounds next to impossible but Unicode says that this might be possible by allowing an extravagant amount of time to search the variety of ethnic people that exist. It is a tough research task and might be completed after 6-7 years!


Whoaa! So, that means Unicode will have to go through a lot of time, if it nods for this project. But the one question that is making my heart curious is that why there is this sudden invention of a mere racially oriented computerized expression? Shall we be happy and enthusiastic about it or is it something very intense?

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