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Children’s day..! Really…??!


Is children’s day really a Children’s day? Well, not for most of them!

This meaningful video, by 23rd Factory Studios, has come up with something that would leave you think about this issue!

We see them, we avoid them! The problem starts with us! For few lucky kids celebrate children’s day by going to school in a color dress, having sweets to eat, suspended classes and loads of fun. But what about those who have no meaning for Children’s day in their life? Small kids take over the family responsibilities and earn money. In that small age instead of playing and going to school.


This has been an eternal problem in India of Child Labour. The Government has many laws against it even then children under 14 continue to work in places like factories, shops, and even in homes as a domestic help.


The two main reasons that cause Child Labour are the Poverty and lack of social security. The tremendous gap between the rich and the poor causes the unemployment problem and leave them without the basic needs!


Even few educates ignore this issue. This video, which has gone viral few months back, has a message which says, “dont ignore us! Help us! Save our future!” We have many NGO’s take an active part in such issues, please refer to them, they would help you out in giving them a good future.

You! All educated people out their, do your part! You dont have to give out money to make their life better. Little time from your busy schedule, little interest and little affection towards them would work.


Stand up! Speak up! Help! Save their childhood! Save them! Save India!

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