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Controversies & iPhone 6!


If you thought, it is over, then you are so wrong my dear! Controversies and iPhones are so familiar these days! There’s new and a very serious update about iPhone 6 bursting in someone’s pocket!

A man from the United States named Philip Lechter claimed that the iPhone 6 that he was carrying in his pockets exploded, causing him second degree burns! Philips claims that he was traveling with his wife and his son, when suddenly the rickshaw that he was in toppled over! While regaining sense, his family and everybody around him was alright but Philip discovered burning fumes from his pants. The smokes lead to burning sensation and he found himself severely burnt!


A passer-by apparently tried rescuing Philips by throwing ice over his burnt leg!

If the claim is true, the thing is extremely unfortunate and one must be very careful in whichever electronic device they use! As far as iPhone 6 is concerned, Apple are you hearing this?

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