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Did You Hear About the LG chip?


Hey handset companies, if you haven’t heard about this revolutionary announcement from LG, then please lend all ears! LG has geared up to manufacture its own silicon chip, yes its own high-end processor!

If this doesn’t come as a surprise to you guys, then you are a genius. If it does, then you are another meek soul like me!So, for me and for everybody else, here are the details:

1.The first chip from LG will have four 1.5 GHz Cortex A15, 1.2 GHz A12 that helps preserve battery when it is not being brushed by some online game!
2.It will use ARM & LITTLE architecture.
3.Although, I cannot be too bowled over by its octa-core making, but at the same time, I cannot be judgmental either.
4.The chip shall be directly ventured into the LG G3, that will be a 5.9 inch display with 1080p IPS.
5.It’ll be an Android based phablet with 2GB RAM & 4.4 KitKat.


If you are over-excited by this news, then kindly hold onto it since as of now only the South Korean market will enjoy its fruit! For India has to wait for sometime!

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