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Easy guide to make your old smartphone turn into new

The smartphones are really smart for some time but after couple of years, these phones slow down drastically due to lot many apps and games you keep on loading on it. The videos, images, and elaborate to-do lists make your phone lose its charm. The upgrades that are continuously loaded on the phone are making this phone less efficient instead of adding to its efficiency. If you are also facing the same problem then not to worry as here is the guide to get it right.Click Here for more Smartphone Accessories.


Manage your Apps well

Application manager is not just the name but it is there for a reason. Check the apps in your phone to find the ones that are running and see if you can stop few. The messaging apps are the space guzzlers and there are very few alternatives present. You can try Facebook Lite instead of Facebook to save space on your RAM to let your
phone perform well!


Look for the alternatives to default apps

There are certain default apps in the phone like Gallery and Contacts that take up lot of space and cannot be removed. What you can do is Disable these apps and use the alternatives like Quikpic Gallery and Contacts+. These apps take up lesser space and hence would keep your RAM free. The disabled apps can be later enabled by clicking the Enable button if required.

The last option is to go advanced and that is possible by rooting the phone. Most of the new phones come with the rooting option where you can root the phone to get the permissions required for customizing the phone in detail. There are root toolkit and rooting tutorials available too if you are not so sure about the process.

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