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Facebook acquires TheFine.com Search Engine.


The Social Networking site, Facebook on Friday got its hands into the eCommerce sector. The Facebook acquired TheFind.com which is the shopping search engine.

This company, The Find on its website posted a message saying that for the last 9 years they worked hard to get the users a good shopping experience that is convenient to search on all the possible stores online to find you the right product that the user is looking for.


The message on the website even said that they were now starting a new chapter by collaborating with Facebook just to give more information and satisfaction for the users in terms of online experience.

This acquisition details were not disclosed to public. Few members of TheFind team that would be joining the Facebook and they would have their technology for making ads for the leading social networking site, Facebook and making it more relevant.


This acquisition by Facebook will make TheFind.com to close down in few weeks from now. As we know, TheFind.com is something you would like to check it out for shopping. It is something that you need to decide on a product. It was launched in 2006.

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