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Facebook Acquiring Oculus Rift VR May Put Privacy OF The User At Stack

Recently when Facebook acquired Oculus Rift – a virtual reality startup, many speculations were raised from the technology enthusiasts. The VR headset company was acquired for about $2 billion by the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the main reason for it is the future related to the virtual reality segment. When this acquisition took place, it was very much clear that virtual platform would become the platform for posting ads and would also work as the handy database for this social networking giant. User activities would be conveniently tracked via this device. Click Here for more VR Headsets.

The speculations recently turned to reality when one of the users found that there is continuous tracking of their activities via background application. The software provided in Oculus Rift to enjoy the service will immediately track whether the headset is in use and would also keep a record of games, videos, and other media being used on the headset. This software also passes entire data to Facebook server.

Users may not have any control on the data being sent to Facebook as they have to grant the permission while loading OVRServer_x64.exe on their VR headset. You are permitting Facebook to receive data about your usage and activities. This way Facebook gets all your data and tracks when the headset is being used or when it is off.
The server runs tracking system even when the headset is off. This means that the user is tracked all the time.

You will be sharing details about the games, apps, content, location, and even your physical movement. The IP address is also shared with Facebook. The privacy policy offers permission to Facebook and even third parties to collect the information if granted by Facebook. While we all are sharing our life activities on Facebook, there
should be no reason to worry about virtual reality headset and the associated privacy policy.

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