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Facebook comes up with OpenCellular platform in India

OpenCellular platform is introduced as an initiative taken by Facebook. The aim behind this is to provide better internet connectivity in remote areas like Andaman Nicobar islands, through low cost hardware. Anyone who wants to get information regarding fundamental things, like banking, education, healthcare etc. then good internet connection with fare speed is a basic need. With this concern, TRAI wrote to the Telecom Secretary on 23rd March 2016, a recommendation letter for improving telecom services in Andaman Nicobar islands, to which Facebook came forward and did the ground work for the same. Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


Installation of telecom infrastructure is the major issue in such remote islands. TRAI has developed a national level policy regarding access of telecom operators to dense urban locations. According to policy, telecom service provider can bind up with builders in creating the infrastructure which is suitable to only one operator. Due to this, the competition of providing access in the same location like bank, hospitals etc. can be avoided. Also TRAI has raised a point that telecom operators are not spending enough money for the instalment of the infrastructure.

The manufacturing and operating cost of OpenCellular platform is very low. Even its installation is quite easy. It comes in small size with eye catchy look. It can be easily attachable to streetlights, trees or outside of the buildings of the urban areas, with limited range. As local authorities take down towers based on radiation issues, call drops concerns and huge tower structures, these tiny towers do wonders. “Localized manufacturing and lightweight supply chain – enable new OEM and support existing operators” is the basic principle of Facebook applied for the OpenCellular platform.


In India, connectivity is the major issue. In such a scenario, Facebook has tied up with the Telecom Infra Project, making hardware Open Sourced. So this is one successful attempt of the OpenCellular platform in India.

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