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First ever Open Sale for the OnePlus One, Globally! Every Tuesday!


The announcement that was made for the first ever open sale for the OnePlus One phone on Tuesday in India. This Chinese smartphone maker on Monday has a very good news in store for all the users.

The OnePlus company announced the open sale on the weekly basis. This would be on every Tuesday, as the One smartphone would be made available for all the global users that too with no invitations. This sale on every Tuesday would be on for 24 hours from the start.

The OnePlus One smartphone comes in 16GB Silk White and the 64GB Standstone Black options. These two storage capacity smartphone would go on a global sale on every Tuesday and they would be available to the purchase from now on all Tuesdays.

Previously this OnePlus One phone was on sale only thorough the invite basis but now, the the sales on invites would be on 6 days a week. But on all Tuesdays people who buy on this open day sale need no invites to make the purchase. The customers would get the invites to distribute as well.


India is not the only country where the OnePlus company does the shipping directly. The other countries that include for the direct shipping from OnePlus company are: Portugal, United States, Taiwan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Germany, Italy and France.

The OnePlus announced this, the Open sale on all Tuesdays without invitations. The company made the announcements on the blog post penned by the Carl Pei who is the Co-Founder on this Chinese company. In the blog post, it also mentioned that the company wants to make the purchase of the OnePlus more easy.

The OnePlus company in a blog post gave away few details about this sale, saying this would be the first ever open sale Tuesday for this OnePlus One here in India. This would be with the limited stock.


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