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Five free Android Apps made by Microsoft

Microsoft is designing and creating lots of apps for not only windows phone but also for Android phones. These apps are very useful and advanced. The commonly used apps made by Microsoft are like Microsoft office, Bing, Outlook, one drive and so on, there are some apps made uniquely and specifically for Android phones.Click Here for More Microsoft Accessories.


Arrow Launcher

It is a recently launched app that make it easy for the user to check his recently used apps and contacts he called on the home screen. It saves time and is convenient. In this app one can customize its own screen visual design.



It is a note keeping app that facilitates use to take notes on a locked screen and link notes on explicit topic. It is a 4 MB small sized app and is convenient for user. In this app one can take notes on calls as well and use them later.


It is most fun filled alarm app. It makes user to mimic something or to say some tongue twisting quotes, take a smiling selfie to switch off the alarm clock. This app is very popular among youngsters. It is effective as well as funny app.

Next unlock screen

It is the best suited app to be used along Arrow launcher. This app can be used in all Android 4.1 or higher operating systems. It helps user to use apps in lock screen. It shows all messages and notifications on locked screen. It makes it easy for user to scroll down all notifications on unlocked screen.

Journey & Notes

This is a app that is very useful while travelling as it allows user to find best hotels and other landmarks by just keying in the information about the place one is travelling. One can even see the reviews of other travelers in this app.

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