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For That Perfect Shot, using Mobile Phone Camera.

Photography is an art. But, thanks to Mobile Phone Cameras and latest technology. Taking photos of your friends, family, beautiful sceneries etc., is no more an art restricted to a professional. At just a touch on your mobile screen you can capture images of your choice that can look extraordinary and fill your fantasy. All you need to do is follow some tips below, for that perfect shot.




Tips to capture professional looking photos.

(1) Make sure your camera lens is clean.
(2) Print out pictures by setting your phone to its highest picture quality and resolution.
(3) To avoid taking a shabby picture, turn off picture frames. You can add a frame after taking picture.
(4) Black and White, Inverted colors, Sepia White, and other effects should be turned off. When you view your photo on a large screen you will discover that the colors in picture are far better than you assume and they can be improved using a photo editing software.

(5) Let the subject be big and more prominent.

(6) Mirror shots often interrupt with auto-focussing. Better avoid them.
(7) Work on the background to make it look clear.
(8) If you are taking indoor shots make sure that the room is properly lit. If it is not and you are depending on flash of your mobile then you may end up in taking pictures that may look unnatural.

(9) Never forget to keep your hand steady while taking pictures.

Smart Phones Suitable for a Picture Perfect Image

Apple iPhone 4s – It has 8 MP rear camera with LED flash. The images captured with this mobile appear in life like colors.

Samsung Galaxy SIII – With an 8 MP rear camera the Images will be sharp and clear.

HTC One X – 8 MP rear camera can make you capture images at a high speed.

Sont Xperia S – 12.1 MP rear camera can be used for some nice and detailed shots.



Follow tips and enjoy Photography.

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