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Free TV Services by Doordarshan for Mobile Phones

Now watching TV has become lot more easy. Doordarshan has started its new mobile television service which will be applied in 16 cities across country. As the demand increases, Doordarshan has plans to expand it further in more cities as well. This service does not require any internet connectivity like it is required in other video services. This service is called (DTT) Doordarshan Digital Terrestrial Television service. To enjoy this service, user just need to have DVB-T2 Dongle to watch programs of different channels of Doordarshan.You can watch Doordarshan with these amazing Mobile Accessories.


The broadband service providers have also reduced the rates along with Doordarshan to start this service. The only investment to start this mobile service, is the cost of Dongle. The channels that will come on this service are: DD News, DD Sports, DD Bharti, DD National and DD Regional.

The smartphones with OTG feature will be able to watch on DDT if they are Dongle connected. This service can be accessed from Wi-Fi dongle as well. Television sets can also be accessed to watch these channels if they have in-build DVB-T2 feature. The Dongles are available for purchase on eBay, Snapdeal and Flipkart online shopping service, whereas iDTV can be purchased from Sony, LG, Panasonic etc.


The user has to download a software and connect to Dongle to get the signal of DDT on the mobile phone. Those users who travel a lot and are unable to watch TV at home can be benefited with this mobile service. The Indian film industry is also expecting lot of benefit with this service as the demand for the mobile service is going to increase in the long run thus by increasing their business.

It is also being stated that the TV images will not be having Ghosting and Snowing problems.

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