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Furious North Korea calls Obama ‘a monkey’!


The furious North Korea, on Saturday blamed the US and called Obama ‘a monkey’ for shutting down its internet and blaming them for the hacking row over “The Interview.”


The North Korea has denied its role and involvement in a crippling cyber-attack which rocked the Sony Pictures. It has expressed fury over the comedy for assassination of its leader Kin Jong Un. Perviously, as the Sony was hacked has called off the release of the movie, ‘The Interview’ citing their would be terror threats to the movie theater. But Obama criticized the decision made by Sony, and the movie is open this week.


Obama is behind the release of the film ‘The Interview’ which is illegal and dishonest, said the North’s powerful National Defense Commission and the Country’s top governing body which is led by Kim.


One unidentified spokesman at the Commissions Police Deputy said in a statement which was carried out by the official Korean Central News Agency said, “Obama always goes reckless in the words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”

They said that the movie was based on the hostile U.S policy towards North Korea and threatened the U.S with unspecified consequences.

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