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Get Android M Upgrades, for the Very First Time on these Specific Mobiles

Android M, an effort of improvement to previous Android versions is now under the technology radar. Unlike the earlier introductions like Android Lollipop, this latest Android is solely intended to bring in improvement to the existing version and has nothing to do with redesigning. This improved software as mentioned by the senior Vice President, Mr.Sunder Pichai at Google I/O (stands for Input or Output, and Innovation in the Open) conference, would have many improvements as all the efforts are lined up as of now towards improvement of the same. Whatever would be the changes, the mobile users are eagerly waiting to upgrade their smart phones with this new software from Google. So, let us see which mobiles are amongst those first few that would receive this upgrade.

World of Nexus

There is no doubt that Nexus phones would be amongst the first few to receive this upgrade as these phones are Google’s own babies. Nexus 5, 6, and 9 are already tested for the upgrade and the results are found to be good.

Android M - Google Nexus

Samsung Smart Phones

Samsung has not yet made any official announcement in this line but, as per the speculations Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6 would be the first few smart phones under Samsung family to get this upgrade. Samsung Note 5 which is still to be launched would come with this upgraded version.

Android M - Samsung


OnePlus is always on time when it comes to upgrades and hence smart phones with Cyanogen and OxygenOS devices would have these upgrades.

Android M - OnePlus


HTC has already announced this upgrade for its new HTC M9+ and HTC One M9 devices. It has also stated that other HTC devices would also have this upgrade soon but not clearly mentioned the names. Experts believe that other devices may include E9 and M8.

Android M - HTC


Motorola is always a step ahead of others in bringing in upgrades. The upgrade is already announced for Moto Turbo, Moto X, and Moto G. Unfortunately Moto E is left behind.

Android M - Motorolo

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