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Get ready for Microsoft’s SmartWatch!


Sources reveal that Microsoft will too become a tech company to sooner jump into the bandwagon of smart watches! This may happen very soon! The smartwatch will be alluring with few heart monitor sensors and other measuring sensors for sure.


There is also a rumor that it will grab two full days of battery life that might be the highlighting point for a device of such nature. Are all the Android apps listening to this?
Well, Google & Apple better beware since one of your longest and most firmest competitor is on the run! After the Google’s Android smartwatches and Apple’s Apple Watch, we have to wait for Microsoft’s nomenclature for its enterprising project! Whether it’ll be called Windows Watch or Soft Watch or just MS Watch, is to watch out for!


Till that time, we can just keep guessing and looking at the tick-tock of the watch on our wrists!

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