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Get unlimited 4G connectivity with Lyf Flame 4,5 and 6

Reliance Infocomm launched its CDMA network in 2003, which was instant super hit as it was providing great connectivity through WAP services. These were the first WAP services which have offered great functionalities on multimedia mobile phone with a low tariff rate at 40 paisa per minute. All the incoming calls were free and user can call up to 400 minutes without any charge to WLL mobile phones. Text messages were charged 50 paisa per message. As a result, mobile users in a huge number were shifted to these WAP services.
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At present, we are in digital era. Number of service providers give users handsome packages and discounts. So, call and message charges are affordable to almost every user. The main thing is data usage. Nowadays, communication has become very easy and fast due to different types of attractive text messaging and Voice over IP calls (VoIP) services. And user has to pay for the data usage for these services. Different types of data plans are offered by the service provider with different speed and internet coverage. Even limited data plan are also available which will restrict user’s monthly mobile bill. But more or less, every data plan seems to be expensive.Find here for More Latest Smartphone Reviews

At this point Reliance’s Lyf Flame cell phone is here to solve the problem of data usage. Reliance Retail is presently giving discount on Lyf 4, 5 and 6-branded 4G smart phones. It is easy to carry and comes in attractive colour. The eye catchy offer is user can access 4G network with high speed broadband internet connection free for first three months.


Lyf has RAM of 512 MB, so running heavy application on it may slow down its performance. User can opt for older operator after completion of 3 months or the phone can be used just for placing call.
This amazing deal is floated at just Rs.2,999 that would surely find many takers.

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