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Global Top Ten Techies and their First Jobs! Catch the Video!

How many of you get to learn about the top international tech executives with a contradictory humble first job? Almost none of you, right! Neither did I! But on a serious note, these executives have come through a long hauling route! Without wasting time, let’s find out who all are they!


Bill Gates– Who else but he tops the chart with his historical mega experience as a tech genius! Here there is no prize for guessing that he worked as a programmer after dropping out from the Harvard!
Sergey Brin- Google co-founder Sergey Brin worked as a coder in a firm called Wolfram Research before partnering the huge IT firm Google!
Jeff Bezos– The Amazon.com giant Jeff Bezos, began working in a Mc Donalds joint and then moved on to start a summer camp!
Tim Cook– Apple’s currently residing executive worked as a newspaper distributor in the his hometown Alabama.
Marissa Mayer– The high profile CEO of Yahoo shone brilliantly when she began teaching at a Computer Science Class in Stanford!
Eric Schmidt– The Google CEO started his first job at a chip making company called Zilog.
Sheryl Sandberg– The Facebook COO’s first job happened to be at the World Bank by a recommendation from her thesis adviser.
Steve Ballmer– Ex- Microsoft CEO joined in Procter & Gamble for marketing a consumer electronic device.
John Ive– He is the Chief of Design for Apple and initially worked in a London based start-up called Tangerine.
Jeff Weiner– Linked In CEO started everything very young when he got his first break at Warner Bros.

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