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Google & Apple, being at Loggerheads!

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There is always this strange equation between the two American tech giant companies! They are always in an absurd relationship! Whether this relationship defines hatred, war, or healthy competition, it is difficult to analyze! But over the years, Apple has been the target for Google and vice-versa.

In a recent event, just after the release of Android Lollypop and a line of other products, Google has given a crisp answer to Apple on How to Guide! The similar activity was done when Apple had just released its iPhone 6 and other products.


The guide of Google clearly mentions how to log into Google account and browse through photos from iPhones, how to set Google Play, Google Wallet account, go though the contacts on iPhones & iPads & finally set up Gmail and other Google apps! It was exactly a type of guide that Apple had introduced during its product launch few days back. And now Google has similar answers in return!

We are still figuring our whether they have a love-hate relationship or a hate-love comradeship!!!

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