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Google can now Teach kid “Animal Sounds”

Internet browsing tycoon Google has recently introduced new feature in the Chrome browser, providing users a guide to teach kids. Now the learning will be more easy and interesting with the help of this new search feature added by Google. It works as a learning guide to the children.Click Here for more Mobile accessories .


This feature is easy to use as the user has to just type Animal name in the search box and immediately the flash cards appear in front of the screen with play button and the name of the Animal is also written on the flash card with the image. There is an audio button under the picture of each animal and as user plays the audio, the sound of that particular animal can be heard, the one user selected.

There are total of 19 animals which appear on the flash card like, Dog, cat, zebra, Cow, Ape, Lion, Owl, elephant, Horse, Duck, bowhead whale, humpback whale, wolf, rooster, sheep, tiger, raccoon, pig and turkey.

The search for this feature can also be accessed by writing “what does animal ( Name of any animal ) say” and the window will pop up with that animal sound audio. It is an interactive feature started by Google. It not only makes the topic interesting for toddlers but it will also help parents to teach their kids with the new practical and innovative way of teaching.


Google has recorded these sounds, directly from the live animals. This feature is also accessed on Android and iOS devices and also in Websites. First this feature was introduced on Google’s Australia Google+ search but now it is available all over on Google search.

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