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Google Gets Going with Android Lollypop!

Till now there has been an update that none of the Google’s comradery business partners have started matching their softwares to the latest version of Android, the Android Lollypop! Although Google has already started rolling out its much awaited cooler version of the software!

There are many devices in the queue to be sinking in the new Lollypop into their systems for a better and smooth functioning of their respective mobile phones. Nexus 4, 5, Nexus Tab 7 & 10, Moto E, Moto X & Moto G first generations are too lining up for the cooler Lollypop! Nevertheless, nothing could be confirmed for Samsung and LG’s software restructuring plans but Sony Xperia Series and HTC One are surely under the limelight.

Android Lollypop or Android 5.0 features

1.Improved Battery Life
2.Complete revamp
3.Tighter Privacy modules
4.Multiple User profiles on One device

It sounds profoundly great but eyes are on wait for the final roll out of the sweetening Lollypop!


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