Home Computer Talk Google Helpouts to go off service on April 20.

Google Helpouts to go off service on April 20.


On Friday, the Google company said that if would close the Helpouts. The Helpout was based on the video chat services. The company said that it would shut the Helpout services on April 20. This Helpouts would allow the users to have a talk to the experts from the Google Helpouts and to receive a solution for free!


The company launched this services in November 2013. Google also rolled out the remote learning app, last year in April. In a post on te Social Media, Google said this Helpout community did include some loyal contributions but it did not reach a mark that the company to reach. He also said that, because of this unexpected developments, they decided to shout the Helpouts.


All the data from the Helpouts can be downloaded by the users with the Google Takeout from the closing date, April 20 till the November 1 of this year. Google Helpouts is a video tutorial service, it would allow the users pay for the live video chats that was done with the experts, they would give a solution for everything and by step by step.


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