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Google in Hindi! Input and Voice search!


Search in Hindi now!

Google silently rolls out this feature. It adds the Hindi Voice Search for the Google Maps app for iOS, which is the Google’s move to promote the Indian Language content on the web!

This feature can be found by tapping the hamburger icon which is the ‘three horizontal lines’ on the top left of the page, we would get it by selecting Settings < Voice Search. We can select our Language by scrolling down, past the other languages. An option showing Hindi(Bharat) in Devanagri script.

The search in different languages is an update by Google and they did not mention this in their update note. Not only the Google Hindi updated app, it also had rolled out the update version of, The Japanese input, Korean input and Google Zhuyin, on Google Play.

The new Google Hindi app update includes, two new material design based theme- The material dark and the material light theme, along with the old, Holo Dark and Holo Light. The Hinglish Dictionary is added, which is the mixture of Hindi and English.


Google Indian MD, Rajan Anandan said, “We have 19.8 crore Indian English speakers. Almost most of them are online. There are over 400 million Hindi speakers in India. Our goal is to get 500 millions Indian online by 2017.”
Announcing its plan to standardize Hindi fonts is to make the Hindi articles discover-able. Google search and Hindi Voice search are available on Android phones. It also introduced Hindi keyboard to Android. The new Google Hindi input and the keyboard are available on Google play!

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